Dr. Miller believes that when you feel supported you are able to make positive changes toward living a more fulfilled life in a body that moves freely and without pain. Her caring, attentive personality coupled with her skillful understanding of the human body will help support you on this journey.

Approach To Care

Dr. Miller combines her knowledge of neurology, orthopedics and biomechanics to provide personalized, in-depth care. Her treatments integrate passive therapies (myofascial release and joint manipulation) with active care (corrective exercises and neuromuscular re-education) to reduce pain and establish balance, so your body not only heals well but functions better.
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Conditions Treated

Dr. Miller specializes in the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of all neuromusculoskeletal conditions in people of all ages. This includes problems affecting any and all bodily tissues such as muscles, tendons, nerves, ligaments, and joints:

neck pain • headaches • migraines • whiplash • back pain • sciatica • bulging discs • joint pain • muscle strains • arthritic conditions • muscle imbalances • movement dysfunction • limited flexibility • and overuse injuries.
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Melissa Rose Miller DC, RN

All bodies are capable of healing! My intention is to help you learn how your body works, how to reduce pain, mitigate injuries and most importantly be able to perform the activities that bring you the most joy.
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Dr. Miller practices on the 3rd floor of the Integrative Medicine Center:
301 W State Street, Ithaca, NY

Monday • 12:00PM - 5:00PM
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