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Listed below are common questions regarding Dr. Miller's treatment approach.

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Treatment FAQs

What assessment techniques does Dr. Miller use?

Applied kinesiology manual muscle testing is used primarily, along with an extensive patient history, orthopedic and neurologic exams to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan.

What type of treatments does Dr. Miller employ?

A combination of Myofascial release, trigger point therapy, movement re-patterning, cranial sacral therapy and/or chiropractic manipulation. Lifestyle, diet and nutrition recommendations are made when necessary, as well.

Do you do "adjust" joints like other Chiropractors?

A unique facet of Dr. Miller's practice is that the primary focus is not on manually adjusting each joint, which is unlike a typical chiropractor. Many times misalignments resolve following identification and treatment of the underlying primary cause of the misalignment. However, manual adjustments are performed if needed, but only after other treatments have been utilized.

How do you determine a treatment plan?

The nervous system presents unique patterns when:

i. A muscle is functioning properly

ii. A muscle is injured

iii. There is stress to an organ/organ system

iv. An emotional stressor is negatively affecting the body

v. There is a TMJ problem

vi. Cranial sutures are jammed

These patterns are what are looked for when manual muscle testing. Not only do the patterns show up when there is an imbalance, they also present in the order that your body needs them to be fixed. As a result the corrections made are more effective and longer lasting. It can be likened to unpeeling an onion...once one correction is made the body will reveal another and another until all compensations are corrected. Once the compensations are corrected and you are feeling relief, corrective exercises are introduced into the treatments. By integrating new movement patterns into your life, you will experience longer- lasting relief. Especially since your current movement patterns are most likely contributing to your symptoms.

What conditions do you treat?

Dr. Miller works with people of all ages experiencing one or more of the following conditions:

• Back pain

• Sciatica

• Disc bulge / herniation

• Neck pain & headaches

• Joint pain, injury or immobility

• Hand and wrist pain

• Muscle strains, tendon or ligament sprains

• Poor posture

• Limited flexibility

• Stress management

• Anxiety

• Arthritic conditions

• Low energy / fatigue

Appointment FAQs

How long are appointments?

The first appointment is typically 90 minutes.

A typical follow up exam is 60 minutes. However, 45-minute follow-ups are offered in the event that 60 minutes isn’t necessary. This is decided between the Dr. Miller and the patient.

What happends during a typical appointment?

Every patient is treated on an individual basis to achieve his/her specific health goals. Dr. Miller spends quality time with each patient to ensure they get the best care. The goal of an exam is to identify the imbalance or dysfunction and determine what treatment(s) is necessary to heal the underlying cause and prevent the symptoms from reoccurring.

During the first exam, Dr. Miller begins with a discussion of the health history with each patient followed by a physical exam, which includes vitals, select orthopedic and neurologic tests, posture, gait and range of motion analysis. The patient will then lie on the table and Dr. Miller will begin manual muscle testing (MMT). The treatment and MMT assessment are interweaved throughout the rest of the visit as specific muscles will be re-tested to ensure effective treatment. The patient stays clothed throughout the exam.

Follow up exams are focused on confirming and adjusting the treatment plan as necessary to treat the underlying root cause of the symptoms. While every patient is different, it takes an average of 2-3 visits for relief of symptoms. If you are interested in changing your movement patterns to prevent future flair-ups, an average of 8-12 follow up visits is recommended.

What is my role as a patient?

Dr. Miller can only help you to a certain point in the office and the rest of the responsibility is placed on you to make the changes at home that are discussed and practiced during each appointment. These changes will speed up your healing time and provide you with the tools to sustain a lifestyle that helps to keep your system in balance.

Does insurance cover the charges?

This depends on your insurance company. Since Dr. Miller is a licensed chiropractor, if your insurance covers “out-of-network” chiropractic then it is likely you will be reimbursed for my services to the extent your policy covers those services.

You are responsible for payment of charges at the time of treatment. However, Dr. Miller can provide you with a form that you can submit to your insurance carrier for direct reimbursement based on the terms of your plan.

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