“I sought help from Melissa for pain in my hip on the recommendation of my daughter.  I am 72 and in good health.  I was not interested in getting into a regime of medication and/or surgery.  I wanted to pursue an alternative approach.  By means of pressure points, muscle resistance and manipulation of my limbs, Melissa was able to relive the pain.  This was accomplished in four one hour sessions during about a one month period.  The pain I experienced in my hip has not returned.  Melissa explained the procedures and made suggestions on my general health.  She welcomed questions and was quick to respond to e-mail inquiries.  I am happy to recommend Melissa.  I was disappointed when I learned she was leaving the area.”

– Jack

First, Melissa interviewed me about my health for an hour and a half. We discussed my energy, sleep, food, injuries, and stress. She never made a gesture that rushed me in the smallest way. Next, she tested my muscles. This process is designed to test how your body reacts to certain positions, which correspond to particular organs or parts of the body. For example, Melissa would tell me to look up and to the right while she touched my shoulder and tested the strength in my arm by asking me to push it away from my body. She also asked me to hold my breath or she placed a magnet and small vials over my belly. After a half hour or so of testing, Melissa asked me to jump to test how my foot was doing. It had already started feeling better.

What I loved most about the session was how human it was. First, a real person listens to you for three times longer than a normal doctors appointment. Then a real person tests your muscles instead of spending an hour trapped inside an MRI tube. And, the appointment took place in a home on a lovely, wooded property.

At the end of the session without pronouncing an official diagnosis, Melissa told me to breathe deeply through my nose as much as possible throughout the day. And, she suggested that I walk/run every other day for 20-30 minutes.  The pace of this run would be regulated by my ability to breathe deeply through my nose. So, I could only move as fast as I could comfortably breathe through my nose, which was not very fast at first.

The breathing exercises had an immediate effect on my foot pain. When I was breathing deeply through my nose, the foot pain was under control. When I wasn’t, I felt it. In my next appointment with Melissa, she would explain that my foot pain was stress-related and that deep, nasal breathing reduces stress. Some of the food issues I was having were because of how I was eating and the fears I had developed surrounding food over the past month of my diet. The importance of breath would not surprise Sertillanges–”It is a recognized fact that attention,–the nerve of study,–is in close relation with breathing, and for general health we know that plenty of oxygen is a first condition.”

– Blake

I injured my shoulder thirty years ago and re-injured it with some regularity over the decades.I assumed that I just had to live with its limitations in strength and range of motion.  Melissa’s treatment is not anything one might expect.

One might worry about chiropractic treatments that could involve “adjustmets” or sudden cracking of areas that are already painful.  Instead, after a long and serious listening session, Melissa went to work on me.  She tested my shoulder’s limitations through my ability to resist a little pressure from her hand. A subtle test she conducted repeatedly from every conceivable angle the joint rotates within.

Obviously she was receiving detailed messages from my strength or lack there of.  She would then apply some pressure through a gesture or small circular massage to a very specific, apparantly correlating area.  I could feel myself becoming a project and a puzzle for her that she was determined to figure out. Every little massage or tweak seemed to give her what she needed to make my shoulder work just a little bit better until after 45 minutes or so, my range of motion became that of a normal person. This was done by the time she was finished with my first session. I was completely surprised that my shoulder worked better than it had in twenty years and continues to do so. It is a  wonderful thing to experience healing through her knowledge of the body and its connective tissues and her almost magical touch.

– Patience

I was happy to write this testimonial because Melissa (Dr. Weinberger which ever you want) offers something that is increasingly rare in the field of health care- an ability to approach your individual circumstance with a set of wholistic diagnostic tools.  This allows her to address the root cause of an issue rather than just address symptom relief. 

Melissa accomplishes this with a refined and powerful skill set .  She easily ranks as one of the best health care practitioners I have ever worked with.  Her manner is gentle, warm and engaging.  She listens with focused attention to the complexity of your circumstance and is able to very effectively treat the condition, allowing your system to regain it’s health. 

In my case, Melissa successfully treated both a repetitive motion injury and a long standing respiratory condition.  I have referred patients to her as well as my family members.  All have experienced significant positive changes in their conditions.  

In short, seeing Melissa, is one of the most effective investments you can make in your health and wellness.

– Mark, Licensed Psychotherapist 

How could I ever begin to explain  what Melissa does?? There really are no words for a lay person to describe it without sounding like a complete fool.

However, what Melissa does really works. I am new to AK and am fascinated by how Melissa is able to pinpoint issues within my body and then work with

my body to resolve these issues.  She has helped me to gain control over some problems with inflammation within my tendons which were keeping me from being able to run. With Melissa’s help, I am able to walk pain free and am even able to run. I’m starting out slowly, but I am able to do it! Melissa has also been able to help me to work toward a more healthy diet and I am hopeful that I will be able to take off some weight I have been struggling with AND more importantly, KEEP IT OFF. 

I would highly recommend Melissa for any type of body work.  She is professional and skilled at what she does.

She can help you to achieve optimal wellness!

– Nancy

Melissa was originally recommended to me by my uncle who practices in a related field, and he sung her praises, saying that she was one of the best AK practitioners he had ever worked with. With that in mind, I brought to her two unrelated injuries that had previously stumped all other medical doctors, to see what she could do. I was experiencing hearing loss and had suffered an injury to my shoulder that would flare up with arthritis from time to time. In the course of one appointment, I regained almost complete control of my shoulder muscles- something which had taken me an entire summer of physical therapy and acupuncture to accomplish previously. She also helped to figure out the cause of my seemingly random bouts of hearing loss. Melissa is extremely knowledgeable and trained in what she does, and it was an amazing experience being able to work with her. She doesn’t merely put a “band-aid” on a problem to cover it up and treat the symptoms; she gets right to the root of the issue. Her work is truly exceptional.

– Maggie

I met Dr. Melissa right after an accident that partially disabled me.  As a farmer and in the middle of the season, this was particularly terrifying, and although part of me knew things would heal, part of me really thought I would limp and be in pain for quite a long time.  One session with Melissa turned this around, completely.  Melissa offered me both relief and the breath of calm that comes with that relief.  Every time I saw Melissa, I felt my general condition soaringly improve, and I skipped months of slow healing in favor of regaining mobility and ease, which avoided a disaster on our farm and in my personal life.

After a few sessions I realized how easily I trusted and completely enjoyed Melissa’s sweet and relaxed care.  I started telling her some of the plans for our farm growth and was surprised when she offered to support this as well.  Melissa helped us set up a site for our CSA at her office and took on helping find members to fill it.  I continue to be impressed and grateful for Melissa’s wide-reaching, generous scope and her obvious skill as a doctor.  With Melissa in my life, my health improved and my pain and fear receded at a critical time.  And then my business got the same opportunity!

– Melissa Madden