Treatment Approach

Manual Medicine

Manual medicine is the use of hands on techniques to aid in diagnosis and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal disorders in patients of all ages. It directs specific attention to the structural aspects of body function and their role in all disease processes. Manual medicine is based, in part, on the principal that the body is capable of self-healing and defense against disease when in an optimal structural balance.
A manual medicine diagnosis is made using a comprehensive history, a detailed physical examination including orthopedic, neurologic, and biomechanical evaluation exams along with hands on palpation and manual muscle testing to determine musculoskeletal parameters including, but not limited to, asymmetries, tissue texture changes and circulation of fluids and energy. Diagnostic imaging is also ordered when indicated.
Manual medicine treatment includes, but is not limited to, joint manipulation, myofascial release, cranial sacral therapy and functional release. Dr. Miller’s approach combines manual medicine with movement instruction and rehabilitation to create a longer lasting effect of her treatments. Her movement instruction is influenced by her trainings in Nutritious Movement Alignment and Functional Range Conditioning. For a more extensive list of her background go to the about page.
Her role as a doctor of chiropractic is to facilitate change in the structure and function of the human body but if lifestyle changes aren’t made to reinforce the new movement patterns, old habits will result in a return of symptoms. While under Dr. Miller’s care, patients are educated on self-assessment of their alignment and are given tools to maintain optimal alignment throughout the day. Her goal is to facilitate a sense of movement autonomy within each patient so they feel motivated to continue the work in their daily life. To facilitate change in the body high frequency and low intensity of movements is key! So 1 hour of movement during an appointment, or hour yoga class once a week becomes negated by the other 23 hours of movement within old patterns if change isn’t infused into every single movement all 24 hours of the day.

Movement Instruction

Dr. Miller is a certified Restorative Exercise Specialist. This technique was developed by Katy Bowman and has had a great impact on Dr. Miller’s life and movement habits. She always had an interest in natural movement but was unable to find relief from her own aches, pains and immobility until she stumbled upon Katy’s work. She always considered herself a flexible person, but soon realized that her flexibility in some areas of her body lead to weakness and immobility in other areas, resulting in pain and dysfunction. Katy’s work has helped her become more in touch with her body in a practical and functional way, unlike any other technique. What she also loves about Katy’s work is that it’s logical. Her ideas seem well thought out, researched and authentic.
“Nutritious Movement is a whole-body movement program that utilizes exercises, alignment adjustments, and habitat (lifestyle) changes to better move all trillion of your body’s parts.”
~ Katy Bowman
From a rehabilitation perspective, Nutritious Movement™ micronutrients (corrective exercises that help mobilize any sedentary spots brought about by years of being casted by modern habitats) and macronutrients (larger categories of movement like walking, squatting, carrying) help move your body toward its anatomical neutral and decrease wear and tear on the body that we normally associate with aging. Fixing your ailment isn’t just about doing a few exercises and some myofascial release; it’s about restoring the whole body to its natural, reflex driven state over the course of a 24-hour period; not just one hour of exercise in an otherwise sedentary day. High quantity, low intensity yields faster and longer lasting results than low quantity high intensity.
The problem you are experiencing (foot pain, back pain, headaches, incontinence, etc) is an indication that your body parts aren’t working at their optimal level. There is an actual mechanical reason why you have said ailment based on the results of the forces being applied to your body as a result of your habits. After a discussion of your career and lifestyle habits and health history, Dr. Miller assesses your neutral joint alignment. From there she provides you with an explanation of why you have a given ailment and proceeds with corrective exercises and lifestyle changes to help you become more aligned so your body can heal!
“Repetitive motions of a handful of joints in higher-than-natural intensities, with limited joint ranges of motion, for years and years amounts to injury. The benefits of moving are well known. What isn’t being taught clearly is this: exercise is not a replacement for movement — in the same way that eating one food every day or taking a supplement does not replace the biological benefit of a diet with variety. Am I trying to discourage you from moving? Quite the opposite. I am trying to encourage you to increase the size of your movement palate. Your body will last you a whole lot longer and be pain, injury, and disease free by using your tissues in a more natural way.”
~ Katy Bowman
"Body Restoration is a two part process: mindful corrective exercise, with specific attention to one’s own geometry and changes to movement patterns throughout the day. The “exercise,” while contrived, is an easy way to *see* areas not communicating effectively with the brain. Without an alignment practice, atrophying areas remain, as, without the rigid parameters, you cannot systematically OBSERVE every part. CHANGE in habit (sitting, standing, walking, footwear, etc.) is the integration of freshly-aware fibers into everyday life, for the purpose of maintaining this new awareness. The ratio of exercise to all-day time is not in your favor when it comes to change. Once you default to old habits that created the spots in the first place, the oxygen wanes. Fibers shut back down. Lasting change comes from the new way you *choose* to move, partially boosted by a new-found eagerness for oxygen in the previously unused parts. They didn’t know what they were missing, but now they do. Play with these two steps. Repeat for 10,000 hours. You’re on your way."
~ Katy Bowman
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