Skype Sessions

Restorative Exercise™ private Skype sessions are available for those who:
Live too far away to attend a group class or in-person private session.
Prefer to work privately to address specific issues
Are home bound due to health issues, weather, etc.
Just simply prefer the convenience of a session in your own home!
How it works:
Prior to your first session, I will email you both a link to my Skype account as well as a few forms to fill out; these will help inform me of your health history and your desired movement goals.
Each session will begin with a discussion and/or revisit of your movement goals. If it is your first session, I will guide you through a few movements in order for me to understand your current body alignment. Together, we will work to establish a plan to meet your movement goals! The rest of the session will focus on guided exercises tailored for your body's specific needs along with some take-home exercises for you to practice on your own between sessions.
60 minutes
What you’ll need:
  • Web camera and a reliable internet connection
  • 2 yoga blocks (or a stack of hard cover books)
  • 1 yoga strap (or a belt)
  • Some yoga blankets (or towels)
  • Enough space for your body to be visible in your webcam view when standing and when lying down
  • Having a mirror nearby can be helpful (but is not a necessity)!
Payment Options:
You can use this secure link to PayPal me your payment
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