Movement Classes

COVID-19 Update

To ensure the well-being of all of my patients, their families, and our wonderful community here in Ithaca, I will be offering online appointments only and have cancelled all upcoming group movement classes until further notice. I will continue to evaluate the recommendations of the CDC as well as my own intuition in determining when to re-open my doors for in-person appointments and group classes.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!
Dr. Miller's movement classes are more than just a chance to move your body with guided instruction. Her classes are an educational experience in which you learn bits and pieces of anatomy, biomechanics, and functional neurology as it relates to the body parts you are moving in the class. You then take this information and experience it in your body with her guided instruction. Each exercise she teaches has a practical application to every day movements. She encourages discussion throughout, as each class is meant to be a learning opportunity.
Please wear something you can move in and bring your questions! Mats and props are provided.
Upcoming Class Offerings