Appointment Information

Ithaca, NY
Initial Visit
Details: Begins with a comprehensive intake evaluation, followed by a chiropractic and/or movement instruction session.
Duration: 90 minutes
Rate: $140
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Ithaca, NY
Multi-Visit Package Options
Details: For long-term relief Dr. Miller often recommends several visits that include chiropractic and/or movement instruction. Pain often subsides much sooner than that but without changing movement patterns, the condition is likely to return. Receive a significant discount if you purchase a package of visits. This option helps both you and Dr. Miller plan treatments for optimal results.
Duration: Eight (8), one-hour (60-minute) follow-up visits
Rate: $600
Duration: Four (4), one-hour (60-minute) follow-up visits
Rate: $400
Single Visit: 60-minute Follow-Up
Details: Brief check-in followed by chiropractic and/or movement instruction, depending on what you and Dr. Miller determine is necessary at the time of appointment.
Duration: 60 minutes
Rate: $120
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Movement Instruction
Details: Each session will begin with a discussion and/or revisit of your movement goals. If it is your first session, I will guide you through a few movements in order for me to understand your current body alignment. Together, we will work to establish a plan to meet your movement goals! The rest of the session will focus on guided exercises tailored for your body's specific needs along with some take-home exercises for you to practice on your own between sessions.
Required Equipment: Web camera, 2 yoga blocks (or a stack of hard cover books), 1 yoga strap (or a belt), some yoga blankets (or towels), and enough space to move freely and be visible to your webcam.
Duration: 60 minutes
Rate: $85
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Does insurance cover the charges?

This depends on your insurance company. Since Dr. Miller is a licensed chiropractor, if your insurance covers “out-of-network” chiropractic then it is likely you will be reimbursed for her services to the extent your policy covers those services.

You are responsible for payment of charges at the time of treatment. However, Dr. Miller can provide you with a form that you can submit to your insurance carrier for direct reimbursement based on the terms of your plan.